Mage Tha Blackheart - The Faceless Generation

by Mage Tha Blackheart

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This is the debut album of Nashville's own, Mage Tha Blackheart. Taking inspiration from the revolutionary fuels of rage against the machine, public enemy, atari teenage riots all the way to black flag, bad brains, and other punk bands. This is a twist on hip-hop music, a refreshing break from the swag rap materialism. Some could even say that it is a wake up call to those too comfortable in their fashions. The future is not bleak, it is hopeful in that we all understand our purpose and get up and act.


released March 15, 2013

Writing: Tha Blackheart, Bobby Exodus, Kapsole, Kiddead, Xyon, Rob Wood, Kaby, Fangmouth

All tracks produced and recorded by Mage Tha Blackheart 2012-2013



all rights reserved


Jeffery Drag Records Nashville, Tennessee


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Track Name: Mage Tha Blackheart - Change the Program
with the mysteries of magic blowing past the fascist aspects
with departments of correction infecting perfections imposed
a circumstance arose as a rose breaking the road
as sure as winter's cold ya you know we broke tha mold
as evolving from the mold
as buds through the concrete
a the heart beats simulated blood spilled in the streets
the simulated chains from public funded champagne
from the wax to the wane don't you know we maintain?
it's purely our invention to assume divine intention
illuminate spread love amidst the failed conventions
oppression, greed, lust with distorted vision
freedom from this prison blessed with ancient wisdom
life before the smoke screen wall of television
endless in decay with this beast of which we lay
my hypnotized delay understand them games they play
sands of time that sychronize the beach of which we play
the world consumed dismay and manifested in a different way
no attachment to self, no concern of wealth
the ravenous lust for knowledge and the undeterred self
I exist as I yet my circumstance defies they way they hypnotise as I know where I reside,
in this unversal knowledge sustained while out of college
i abstain they reign i exist on vector planes
baptized in acid rain from the demons that I've slain
that blue note jazz stylus straight to the vein.
simple and plain you know the way maintain
sent from the sky now we flow like the rain
the love the life
freedom from the pain
wax to the wane
don't you know we maintain?

the state of mind we cultivate that frees us from the pain
cause we sent from the sky now we flow like the rain
the state of mind we cultivate that frees us from the pain
from the wax to the wane don't you know we maintain
change the program this aint my slow jam(what)
they tried to tell me who i am but i'm saying goddamn
change the program this aint my slow jam(huh)
they tried to tell me who i am but i'm saying goddamn

the land of Babylon will fall to waste when we are all inspired
i show you how my mind hasn't even YET TO perspire
as i'm burning empires
i'm right here for my people in every race
I'm on the climb
the climax the pinaccle of facts
and yo we bout to take them back
navigate withe parallax
and show you how encompassing the heart is mind
to let the soul shine
never wasting time
understand this place in time is never feeling fine
yo we're right here in this place in time now listen
now listen
because it's that time.
Track Name: Mage Tha Blackheart - Illuminated Mindset
funky illmatic spit mad dramatic
for the cats on automatic pilot
open up your eyelids let the colors refract deep inside ya iris
as i'm spitting esoteric images on papyrus
from land of the ancient demigods be flagrent
turn off the tube cause i'm tired of the same shit
breaks upon the on the track for the real heads to step with
bout to kick the bass cause fuck the treble clef shit
metabolic swarm as the virus be catching on
leave the block shook like we're radical islam.
cyberwar errorism ends by selection
revolutionary actions mines the ill collection
collected minds in perspective grind cast a corrective shine on this dark place in time
show light on the row of seeds in the satchel
sow cause we know when it's so we will grow
show no fear cause when near it's felt
cards on the table in faith of what's dealt
i can't take it no more ain't a slave to no man
the empire will fall and that's notes from the roman
the feds at the door cause they say i'm too potent
raised in slums but you know I ain't no rodent
knowledge is the key to the people in my land
not the evils taught in steeples waging war on foreign sands
one love one race one mind one time
one light magnified spread it to the blind
one love one mind one sign one time
and no rewind so you best take your time.
one love one race one mind one time
one light magnified spread it to the blind
one love one mind one sign one time
and no rewind so you best take your time.
evolution over time
the world is waking up and I say it's bout time.
we are all humankind
the world is waking up and I say it's bout time.
ayo open open up ya mind
we can change the world with rhymes
but unless you speaking truth then you're wasting your time
respect the gift of mind and i listen to my soul yes indeed the light shines
so theres no wasting time
they say we stepping out of line and I say it's about time
Track Name: Mage Tha Blackheart (feat. Bobby Exodus, Kapsole) - Telepathy
(Bobby Exodus' verse)
(Kapsole's verse)
and this won't be your saving grace no baby in a manager
it's Looks kill soldiers paying bills on the field living by the shield yah the debt system's real. 
They brought em home made em cops on the home field ranked by their quotas not ranked by their skills
Designed by the shield now you know you know it's getting real
It used to be abide by now it's what they wield
I'd like to make an appeal
The government uses real dollar bills the new deal to conceal distort trust
Corporations buying  them back banks to extort and export us
It'sUnited we stand and that's a bunch of bullshit 
It's whoever's the richest and whoever's the culprit
Whoever's in the pulpit, speaking fastest and loud.
The one who castin hypnotic spells ova dem crowdz 
I Be that Desaparecido ride in the name of zero 
I be that character in the plot my story has no hero
Living in the new age of terror a warrior of light sent to earth to ammend these wretched errors
with Crooks robbing cash making profits off of gas
Drones locked on target poof ya gone in a flash
Pakistani children crying at the fact that they mother's is dead
And the cops up on the streets don't give a fuck because they are the Feds 
To all have children that have bled and to all the the tears that dried upon the beds,
The world of fear is laid to waste when harmonized in head and that's what they said
they want us all dead dead we must remove the gun from the fed
cause they want us all dead
I said the world of fear is laid to waste when harmonized in head
Track Name: Mage Tha Blackheart - Ring the Alarm
Prozac and welfare impaired mare syndrome
they invented laws and funneled dollar bills to bend them
plastic people parylyzed by their points in perception
invading terrorist cells but ask them where they got their weapons
so when do they learn their lesson with the points that we're stressing
Deficit in the trillions yet they treat us like the villians
It's power to the millions and the ones who built these buildings
the source of the power and the profits the they're yieldin
those assets they're wielding like they're never going to dry up,
federal reserve except it's more like fed up
revealin the plots of the fat cats on wall street,
committing white collared crimes yet they never feel the heat
i'm tired of being discreet it's time to take it to the streets
with voices loud as thunderclouds TILL THIS CYCLE IS COMPLETE (echoes)...and my heart still beats


Track Name: Mage Tha Blackheart - Dissolve into Dream
i see better day tucked away behind that grim skyline where the sunshine and weather feels fine
her touch has got me trippin steady grippin on that arm rest palms sweaty spinning heart beating out of chest
cause i understand that this be part of the plan
and the point of which i view is not solely where I stand
it'sthe world of which i hold in my hand
assumed the part of sculptor yet only began
with a chisel turned that fizzle to a spark
now the dark starts to clear as the message comes near
as i stand my ground 2atch me standing with no fear
and even though we've felt this pain it's changing with the years.
that state of constant change takes you out the mainframe
so know to maintain you gotta be that constant change
and even though there's pain and times are getting strange
know to maintain you gotta be that constant change.
i see better day tucked away behind that grim skyline where the sunshine and weather feels fine
it's that very same place but the truth decide hide
in that place we call home and it's simply tucked inside
calling all souls back their natural self
understand the truth that you cannot find in wealth
i be that sayer of the sooth on your state of mental health
dissolving into to dreams with no military stealth
and now we on a different thought plane astral cocaine on that John Coltrane the true soul veign
Body and soul mix that breath conTROL this be that love supreme i'm talking true old soul cause y'all don't even know
plant the seeds and grow
forth to where it flow
warmth the constant glow
and there be no strings c speaking from the soul
grab microphone start to spit and watch it glow
systematic dismatling of your true personable
the house of which you live is from the bank and that's a loan
ain't trying to groan but it's time to rearrange
greet each morning with a urgent sense of change
i ain't trying to be no king up on the board i must be strange
mysogynist views in these overlapping hues
they sell you make up to fix the way you view you
but those acne scars come from eating their food
not trying to be rude i'm trying to let my heart sing
I never called her bitch cause my goddess is a queen
know what i mean? no fat dripping off this lean mean machine
the sound lingering with the style that we bring.
ain't trying to be no king but sure as hell no pawn
my eyes fixated on a brand new dawn
we're just waiting on the sun to wouldn't understand if you asked what's on our mind
Track Name: Mage Tha Blackheart - Never Too Late
we alll wanna live love
we all wanna be free
but the real truth that we aint a slave to an industry
nothing to pretend to be, imagery selling me
lusting over visuals that profit them residual
and you know spit mystical truth for the cyclical
phasing of the non-sense to transcend the violence.
waking up scheming, dreaming got the third eye on blast chakra steady beaming
left ya windows steaming with barefoot state of mind
packaged down the line hand delivered from the ancient times
cultivate ya state of mind stop wasting time.
tv, cbs yes it's a mess
prozac and coke just to deal with the stress
a sin to undress with these pillows to caress
my best advice to you is to always stay blessed.
never over whelm grab life by the helm
hit the ground full speed knowing that indeed
the color that bleed on the hands of beast
brown skin terror manufactured middle east
the veil padlocked ain't no sneaking no peek
it be obsessive demon speak freedoms fading by week
they want you on that junk food make yo body weak
the land of the meek under the bald eagle beak
too afraid to speak cause the cops steady beat
evicted from my house now there's no kitchen heat
chained to the cell ain't no moving my feet
allegories manifested in the present tense
i be that authorize personelle hopping over the fence.
Nuclear industrial jam packed combustible
all in one device if the product has enticed
yo you're sitting on your couch but can buy it tonight
pick up your portable, your voice is recordable
the information logged in our system is extortable
update your profile, soak up the stream
our social interactions are marketing scheme.
I realized the dream and then I woke up.
the overwhelming burn of the truth had me choked up
I need a grilled cheese call me all Al Roked up,
ten sticks of butter in that food from the gutter.
flu shot, get them fast and you're going to need another
soul sisters and brothers we're going to need another
before w e get smothered by these cops undercover
domesticated reinstated klu klux klan
saturated hydronated fructose plan
eugenics got us hypnotized the food don't spoil...
and that be what they're saying like their plan won't foil
they preach that shit strong
I done heard it too long
your call is important to robotic dialogue.
they treat us like a ball of clay told us how to act this way.
when the truth is on display I gurantee a better day
choose to wake up today hey there ain't no product on display
my soul contained in shell but it ain't always that way
and that's all i got to say
Track Name: Mage Tha Blackheart - Silver Lining